20 Questions: Abigail Smith

20 Questions: Abigail Smith

By Cordet Gula Posted June 1, 2011

What is your favorite thing to do in summer?

Hang out with friends.

What is the best tolerable temperature during summer?

Eighty-five degrees.

Do you enjoy not being in school?


Do you think that in the future, the temperatures might rise due to global warming?

I don’t know; maybe.

Who do you like hanging out in the summer?

My friends.

What do you think the best summer songs are?

Sweet Home Alabama.

What do you think the best summer colors are?

Black and purple.

What time of day in the summer do you enjoy the most? And why?

Noon because it’s warm.

Does it get depressing when summer is almost over and you have to deal with school again?


Do you play any sports over the summer?


What’s your favorite thing to do for the Fourth of July?

Watch Fireworks.

Do you do any of the summer homework over the summer, or do you wait till the last minute?

Wait till the last minute.

Do you feel happier over the summer than during the school year?


Do you like going on picnics, or does that seem too cheesy?

Sometimes and it sounds kind of cheesy.

What is your favorite summer food?

Ice cream and Pizza.

What is your favorite summer beverage?


What is your favorite thing to do with your friends over the summer?


Do you try to tan in the summer or do you end up looking like a lobster?

I looked like a lobster for a few days.

If you could go to Hawaii for summer break would you? Why?

Yes because it’s warm.

Are you outside most of the time in the summer?

All the time.

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