2010 graduating class plans and goals for the future

By Ron Espinola Posted June 2, 2010

Sahul Acosta-Grijalva Pima County College in Tucson Arizona.
William Aguiar-Not submitted.
Marissa Alanis-Going to Europe, then Mesa State, in Grand Junction, CO.
Jacob Albright-UNR.
Christian Alcaraz-Army.
Maira Alvarenga-GBC in Elko.
Adam Anderson-Applying at WACA in Reno.
Tyler Anderson-Get me one of those fancy jobs.
Ryan Arndt-GBC in Elko.
Sammy Arno-Not submitted.
Joshua Ashby-I am going to have fun!
Nicos Avalos-Going into the Air Force to become either a fighter pilot or a musician.
Amy Balagna-UNR, where I hope to double major in art and speech pathology, and be the illustrator for the Nevada Sagebrush.
Ryan Ballard-Going to GBC to get smart.
Lane Barton-Going to TMCC to gets me uh uh fancy edumacation.
Trevor Belanger-Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA.
Karl Berensten-Montana State University, going through Air Force R.O.T.C. to become an officer and pilot in the Air Force and I will have a degree in Business Management
Chance Billows-Navy Submarine Electronics Field: Nuclear Missile Mechanic.
Skylyr Bleck-The Army to be an EOD specialist.
Sydney Borcher-I’m going to Europe.
Jacob Brennan-Not submitted.
Ashley Brookins-Not submitted.
Brenda Caracoza-Not submitted.
Noemi Cardenas-Attending GBC for RN Nursing.
Blaine Case-Doing the Borrichs scholarship program in Elko for electrical.
Danielita Chavez-GBC in Winnemucca for secondary teaching.
Rachel Chavez-Travel around until I find something I like.
Giovan Cholico-UNR then going on to medical school to become a pediatric oncologist.
Caleb Christensen-Not submitted.
James Christison-UNR to major in music.
Thomas Collins-Not submitted.
Amy Contreras-Get a job at a mine.
Tyler Cooper-University of Arizona to study biochemistry and eventually med school.
Gerardo Covarrubias-UNR, Civil Engineering.
Corbin Crouch-I am going to Feather River Community College in Quincy, CA.
Luis Cruz-TMCC and work in Truckee.
Ryan Cushman-Not submitted.
Hailey Daley-Paul Mitchell school for cosmetology in Reno.
Candace Davidson-I am going to RCC in Oregon.
Jessica Davis-GBC and getting my nursing degree.
Mai-Hesa Davis-GBC in Winnemucca.
Cassandra Deaver-Moving to CO and eating bacon.
Joseph Dendary-UNR next fall.
Ashley Dennis-I am moving to Marina, CA to work for a year and then go to college.
Serrina Doucette-Moving to Alaska for college.
Amaya Drake-UNR.
Ryan Dufurrena-Either TMCC or SOCC.
David Eastman-Playing basketball at Upper Iowa University in Fayette, IA.
Mateo Echeverria-Boise State University.
Brandon Eldodt-University of Utah majoring in awesomeness.
Skylar Estes-UNR next fall.
Alberto Estrada-GBC in Elko.
Adriana Fernandez-I plan on working through the summer, then go to GBC in the fall.
Erik Fernandez-Enlist in the military.
Kristen Fisher-Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno to study Culinary Arts.
Jose Garcia-Going straight to work.
Jovi Garcia-Not submitted.
Noel Garcia-UNR.
Juan Garcia Diaz-UNR to be a Civil Engineer.
Kali Gerhard GBC-in Elko.
Elizabeth Gleixner-Going to serve in the U.S. Army.
Adilene Gomez-GBC in Elko.
Tyler Gomez-Amass an evil bunny army, take over the world, do at least 100 things that are impossible to do and then disappear into a large cloud of glitter.
Oscar Gonzalez-GBC in Winnemucca for a year and then transfer to the University of Aspen, CO.
Mary Granath-Seattle University in Washington.
Jackson Gratwohl-UNR.
Adam Gray-UNR.
Mckenzie Gray-Boise State, playing in the marching band, and majoring in music/business.
Megan Griggs-Esthetics, massage therapy, Reno.
Taylor Gruey-UNR.
Jeremy Guercio-Art Institute in Phoenix.
Abbey Haaglund-Moving to Reno and TMCC.
Courtney Hammond-The Honors Program at Westminster College in Salt Lake City.
Mark Hamry-Not submitted.
Christian Hansen-GBC in Elko.
Shelby Hansen-Going to Utah to start my life!
Kaylee Harrison-GBC.
Zachery Haught-Not submitted.
Tyrell Henriod-Being lazy and working
Schyler Herley- Going to Colorado to train to be a firefighter.
Andy Hernandez-UNR.
Dalia Hernandez-GBC in Elko.
Jonathan Hernandez-
Jose Herrera-Elko, NV GBC, business and diesel mechanics.
Jennica Herrera-Cassar-Will probably leave town but keep designing decks for a skate team.
Jayna Hill-UNR.
Adrian Hull-I am enlisted in the United States Army.
Annie Isaak-The Rhema Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, OK.
Evan Jacobsen-Considering the Military.
Jerry Jakich-GBC going into Radiology Technology.
Lynnsey Johnson-Lassen Community College in Susanville, CA.
Nicole Johnson-GBC.
Suzi Jones-UNR.
Wesley Jones-Going to college at TMCC.
Vanessa Juanes-GBC and get my basics.
Cameron Keele-GBC and getting a job
Sarah Kelsey-Oklahoma State University.
Mark Kenison-GBC in Elko.
Michelle Klegseth-GBC to become a pre-school teacher.
Chancie Larrabee-College and get into tattooing.
Mallorie Leal-TMCC in Reno.
Ashlee Lee-the UNR.
Desirae Lemm-Joined the Army, leaving June 8, 2010, for basic training in Oklahoma.
John Lesley-Not submitted.
Joseph Lester-Going to Reno to attend TMCC.
Daniel Lockaby-Not submitted.
Sarah Lohr-Not submitted.
Antonio Lopez-Getting a full-time job and GBC.
Cecilia Lopez-I’m planning to attend GBC.
Monica Lopez-Not submitted.
Chelsea Lujan-I want to work and put myself through college for social work.
Camille Lyon-UNR.
Quinn Mader-Rodeoing for Blue Mountain in Pendleton, OR.
Kiefer Maestrejuan-Undecided.
Jake Maga-University of Utah in Salt Lake City.
Annavel Magana-GBC and raising my baby boy.
Eddie Magana-Undecided.
Richard Magana-College and live a successful life.
Jordon Martin-WyoTech in June.
Estevan Martinez-I am going to the Marines.
Teasha Martinez-College majoring in art.
Jordan McClintick-Boise State University.
Tamora McCrea-Not submitted.
Sara Mecham-Moving to Reno to attend Marinello School of Beauty.
Adriana Mendoza-International Academy of Beauty School.
Joel Mendoza-College to become a mechanic.
Ariana Mentaberry-Reno bound, TMCC!
Gabriel Mercado-Not submitted.
Terrell Messerly-University of Utah.
Melissa Miller-GBC locally (woohoo!)
Christina Miners-Working with Newmont, moving to Washington in the fall.
Rebecca Monroe-Double majoring in writing and illustration at BSU.
Trenten Montero-New Mexico State and rodeoing.
Lisset Mora-GBC in Winnemucca and Elko.
Daisy Morfin-GBC and to get my degree in Criminal Justice.
Silver Nichols-Staying here and going to GBC for a few years, then UNR.
Brittany Nielsen-I am going to Boise for Massage Therapy.
Ben Norfolk-I plan on working for a year then get into Wild Life Biology.
Eric Orlando-GBC for two years to start a career as an X-Ray Tech and then BSU for for a music major.
Chase Orr-GBC.
Abel Ortega-Rivera GBC in Winnemucca or Elko.
Timothy Palmer-I am majoring in Chemical Engineering at UNR.
Alyssa Parks-UNR.
Bradley Pearce-Psychology at UNR.
Christopher Pike-University of Idaho in Moscow, ID.
Julissa Pulido-UNR.
Salvador Pulido-GBC in Elko.
Hunter Quilici-GBC to get a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Wild Life Management.
Jose Ramirez-GBC in Elko.
Patrick Rehberg-Join the army.
Justin Rice-UNR.
Javier Rivera-UNR.
Chelsea Robison-TMCC for Culinary Arts.
Louis Roman-The Golf Academy in Phoenix.
Rachel Romo-
Nestor Ruiz-GBC in Elko.
Justin Ryan-Work with the possibility of tech school.
Shalyn Sample-College of Southern Idaho.
Hannah Sampson-I want to become a veterinarian.
Alex Schumacher-Grabbing a biomedical engineering degree at the University of Utah.
Reid Schwartz-Going into construction.
Stephanie Shelley-UNR.
Adrianna Silva-
Krista Smith-Not submitted.
Shelby Snyder-Gold digging.
Andrew Soderstrom-Finish college and pursue a career in storyline for video games.
Jordan Songer-United States Army.
Nicolas Spriet-Not submitted.
Thomas Stephen-I’m going to become a paramedic.
Rachael Studebaker-University of Idaho in Moscow, ID, studying interior design, dance, and Spanish.
Alex Stursa-Working at Hycroft.
Vanessa Tafoya-Take a year off from school and work.
Zebidiah Teichert-Not submitted.
Brooke Thomas-California in hopes of becoming a cosmetologist.
Shelton Thomason-Going straight into full-time work as a mechanic.
Lance Thompson-College to study Agriculture Science and Business Management.
Jessica Schumacher-Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay, OR to major in Fire Science
Colton Tolbert-Making money, winning the lottery.
Paeden Underwood-Southwestern Oregon Community College.
Andrea Vaca-I am going to get my basics here at GBC
Ryan VanDerVeen-GBC in Winnemucca.
Brittani VanWeerd-Staying in town and getting my general education classes done at GBC.
Mary Vassar-Working my first year for college tuition then going to school the following year.
Alejandro Villagomez-Santa Fe University, NM.
Lacy Villarreal-Not submitted.
Robyn Wadleigh-Truckee Meadows CC to become a pediatric dental hygienist.
Tiffany Watterson-University of Utah in Salt Lake City.
Megan Weaver-GBC in Winnemucca.
Daniel Westfall-Undecided.
Cody White-Not submitted.
Ross Woolever-Not submitted.
Dackota York-UNR.
Juan Zepeda-Destined for greatness.

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