3A realignment proposal under consideration for 2011 season

By Jayna Hill Posted February 18, 2009

Under the current realignment, there are ten 3A schools. However, there are soon going to be schools that are moving up from or dropping out of the division. This is a major problem specifically in Northern Nevada where school populations are smaller than and not as dense as schools in the south.

There must be at least eight teams in a league, in order to hold a state tournament. The 3A league is pushing that; as of right now there are exactly eight teams that will be in the division next year, which leaves little competition and few choices for scheduling.

Although, a solution has been proposed to solve this problem. The proposal calls for 3A schools to move up to a league called 4A Division 2. 4A Division two will potentially consist of the current 3A schools excluding Yerington, and some of the current 4A schools such as Fallon, Elko, Wooster and South Tahoe.

As of right now, there are only ten schools left in the 3A division, which makes game scheduling very difficult. Mr. Vince Mendiola, the Athletic Director at Lowry High School said that by moving the 3A division up to 4A Division 2 “takes away the scheduling nightmare”.

In addition to easier game scheduling, a bigger league also means more competition. With this new proposal, the teams that are in the 3A league will get to compete within a wider range of schools, and participate in tougher competition.

If this proposal is accepted it would be implemented in the fall of 2011. This will be the start of a new league realignment in Nevada.

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