A hero hidden in plain sight

A hero hidden in plain sight

By Taylor LaTray, Posted April 16, 2014

This staff member has been teaching at Lowry for going on 18 years and she has been involved in endless organizations and activities with overwhelming responsibilities. She is linked to all activities at Lowry whether it’s sports, spirit week activities, fundraising, or decorating. Not only does this individual have endless responsibilities for this school but also with outside organizations who request assistance. She has so much on her plate and you would never know it. This hero is Mrs. Tanya Grady.

“Mrs. Grady has been like a second mother to me. She has picked me up when I was down, pushed me further when I was unknowingly capable and is one of the best women I know. Mrs. Grady helped shape who I am today and I will forever be grateful for having her in my life,” said former student Brandi Brooks.

Grady takes on possibly the most demanding duties connecting Lowry to the community. Not to mention she handles everything she does with so much ease and patience. In addition to having a family and being a teacher, Grady chose to run Leadership. Due to her dependability, Tanya is involved in various community organizations that come to her for help or management of an event.

“I never get overwhelmed because I am a very organized person and I try to manage my time wisely. However, I occasionally get stressed,” said Mrs. Grady. Although her daughter Madeline disagreed, “My mom is a hard-working caring person who will do anything you ask her to, personally, I do think she gets overwhelmed and although it appears like she bites off more than she can chew, she always gets everything done with the exact outcome she wanted. She is my hero, and I look up to her in so many ways,” said Madeline Grady.

When an organization in our community needs help in any sort of way they approach Tanya Grady who often organizes the situation and disperses the workload among her students, usually leaving herself the majority.

Mrs. Tanya Grady at the 2013 Academic Assembly./ Ron Espinola • The Brand
Mrs. Tanya Grady at the 2013 Academic Assembly./ Ron Espinola • The Brand

“Mrs. Grady is the most wonderful, outstanding amazing big-hearted person she is the type of person that would drop anything to help anyone, she deserves a raise,” said athletic secretary Sylvia Covarrubias.

Tanya Grady is amazing. That is the most commonly used word to describe her by numerous individuals along with the following: kind, caring, amazing, creative, and patient. Grady is a go-to person for advice, or help with any subject. She is a very understanding individual open to help with anything. Mrs. Grady is a hero and people can only dream to be as wise and kind as her. She has endless individuals to complete any task in an organized manner and that patience is truly a virtue.

“She does anything for this school and not to mention for her family and friends. When the community needs any kind of help they get a hold of Mrs. Grady. She has to be super organized and she is. She remains so calm and just does an amazing job,” said Heather Corak.

Leadership is a lot of responsibility for each student let alone for an advisor who is required to take on the majority of the responsibility. What Mrs. Grady does for this school and the impact she has left on so many students is phenomenal and all the while she remains humble.

“She is one of the most loving friends and she would give you the shirt off the back if you needed, I don’t know what I would do without her as a friend and I don’t know one person Mrs. Grady hasn’t impacted,” said Kristie Bell.