April Students of the Month

By Camille Lyon Posted April 30, 2007

This month another great batch of students have been nominated

By teachers. Lowry is always sprouting great students, and the students of the month are role models to the rest of the Lowry student body.

One fine example of a leader is freshmen Brad Pearce. Brad was nominated by Mr. Walton. Mr. Walton thinks Brad is a bright star in the freshmen class. He quietly does his work, yet receives little recognition. Brad never needs close supervision. Brad Pearce is a grand example of a student at Lowry.

Our sophomore for this month is the one and only Kole Kracaw. Kole is an example of the more unique students at Lowry. He was nominated by Mrs. Kennedy. Kole plays an active role in the Leadership class as the sophomore class president. His favorite color is as he describes as the color of socialism, red. Kole Kracaw is also on the Cross Country team.

The junior class student of the month is Israel Ochoa. Israel is on the Varsity basketball team and football team. With all of the away games Israel still manages to get his work done and in on time. He was nominated

By Miss. Hernandez, and she speaks very highly of Israel.

Another amazing student here at Lowry is Areli Galvan. Areli is currently a senior at Lowry. She was nominated

By Mrs. Doyle for her academic achievements and passion for learning. Areli moved to the United States from Mexico four years ago. In that time period she managed to learn the English language, which she now speaks fluently, and is in many honors and advanced placement classes. Areli admires the teachers for helping her get through school. Areli Galvan has earned high respects from her peers and is a real role model.

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