Artist of the Week: Robert Rangel

Artist of the Week: Robert Rangel

By Bree Dunckhorst Posted: November 14, 2019

This week’s Artist of the Week is Robert Rangel who was chosen by Cassandra Jenkins for what he brings to her art class.

“He is very studious and open to suggestions and constructive criticism. He goes into every project with a positive attitude, takes the time to brainstorm creative solutions, and finalizes his projects with much attention to detail and craftsmanship,” said Jenkins.

Rangel took art from Jenkins at the junior high before he moved to Texas.

“I was fortunate to have Robert at the junior high level in art, and I am grateful he has returned to Lowry High School and chose to be in my class again to continue his art instruction,” said Jenkins. 

Jenkins not only praises Rangel as an artist but also as a person and student in general.

Robert Rangel./Bree Dunckhorst • Lowry Digital Media
Robert Rangel./Bree Dunckhorst • Lowry Digital Media

“I look forward to watching him grow as an artist. He is an inspiration with his funny, respectful, and calm demeanor,” said Jenkins.

Rangel’s favorite part about Jenkins’ class this year is her encouragement.

“She likes to make you have a creative mind,” said Rangel.

Jenkins looks forward to seeing Rangel’s future improvements in his artistic abilities and is excited to see where they take him. 

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