Artist of the Year: Araceli Ruiz

Artist of the Year: Araceli Ruiz

By Araceli Galarza Posted June 10, 2021

This year’s artist of the year goes to none other than Araceli Ruiz. Named by Ms. Julia Topholm the head of the Art Club. She has nothing but kind words for Ruiz. She enjoys the way she carries herself as well as the commitment Ruiz has had to the school as well as the Art program.

“Araceli has a genuine love of art and being creative,” said Topholm. “Even though she is quiet by nature, the emotion, vision, and excellent craftsmanship she puts into her work are seen in every piece she produces. Along with growing as an artist through our Lowry High Art program, Araceli has been an active member of the Lowry High School Art Club. As a member of the LHS Art Club, Araceli has helped to plan and execute our student art shows with her fellow members and helped the club to participate in various school spirit activities and service.”

Ruiz has been a member of the Art club since her Freshman year she enjoys the different activities involved.

“I’ve been in the Art Club for four years now and my favorite part about it is the activities involved, I’ll miss the projects involved with the program the most,” said Ruiz.

She commends Ruiz for her creativity as well as her growth throughout the years.

“I have had the great honor and privilege of having Araceli as a student from her freshman year to present as a senior,” said Topholm. “Seeing the growth over these four years has been so extraordinary. She has mastered art mediums from sketching, painting, to mixed media. She has participated in every student art show since her freshman year and her work has been recognized at the district level, as well as at the state level.”

Ruiz enjoys working with different mediums but appreciates pen and ink the most. She enjoys control over her lines.
“My favorite medium is pen and ink and I like it the best because of all the linework I could do with it,” said Ruiz. “I prefer it over all the others because I like the styles,”

This year Ruiz has had the opportunity to compete against other top students in the state as well as the district. The hardest part about competing according to Ruiz is sticking with one design.

“Competing with other artists is kinda hard to explain because it’s fun but it also sucks since I always wish I had done something else,” said Ruiz.

Topholm is excited to see her final piece. As a senior and one of her final projects, Ruiz is given permission to give back to the school and leave her mark by creating a mural.

“As part of her final pieces as a senior in the LHS Art Department, Araceli will be painting a mural in the Art and Social Studies Building,” said Topholm. “Her mural will be a visual gift back to Lowry High School and will be a culmination of the skills she has developed as a Lowry High School student artist.”

In order to prepare for her final project, Ruiz spent time watching numerous movies before finally deciding on one in order to create her mural.

“I watched a couple of movies before getting inspiration for my mural, more specifically ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’,” said Ruiz.

Ruiz plans on going to college and continuing her love of art. She also finds time to work out when she isn’t working on her art.

“I want to go to school for Graphic Design,” said Ruiz. “I also like to work out when I’m not drawing or painting.”
Ruiz credits her love of art as well as her drive to continue to improve to her family.

“Well I grew up with both my parents drawing,” said Ruiz. “It was either for work or just for fun and I was always interested in it and now it’s become a full-time hobby. My brother and sister were also into art as well. I guess it’s always been a competition on who’s improved the best.”

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