Athlete of the Issue: Julia Dufurrena

Athlete of the Issue: Julia Dufurrena

By Brooklyn Thomas Posted December 16, 2009

Lowry varsity basketball has a sophomore who stands out for more than her skills and dedication.

She stands out because of her stunning personality. Julia Dufurrena, the youngest in her family, was born in Winnemucca and has participated in sports for her entire life. At Lowry she has participated in volleyball, track, and basketball.

“I have always played sports, since I was a little kid,” said Dufurrena.

She is not the only Dufurrena in this school, “I have two cousins, Ryan and Josh, and my sister, Megan, is the assistant coach for basketball.” Her family has been at Lowry for quite some time.

“My sister played, basketball, track, and golf, and my brother, who is 25 now, did rodeo and played basketball.”

Basketball is her favorite because, “Basketball is fast and has a high tempo.”

She joined sports when she was young but was inspired to do better in her favorite sport by her sister, “I have always looked up to her, she played and I liked going to her games.”

She also has a sturdy support system from home.

“All my family supports me,” While Dufurrena has more than two years of high school left, she has some plans after she graduates.

“I want to be an x-ray technician,” she said.

She also believes sports are definitely in her future, “I would play basketball if I could play anything in college,” she said. As a sophomore she has outstanding an outstanding personality and a bright future.

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