Athlete of the Week: Laura Ochoa

Athlete of the Week: Laura Ochoa

By Esmeralda Aguilar Posted December 1, 2008

Laura Ochoa, a senior, was chosen as the Athlete of the Week for volleyball. Ochoa’s devotion to academics, work, and volleyball have shown her to be both dedicated and motivated to do whatever she sets her mind to.

Coach Mary Pace said, “She holds high standards for herself, both academically and physically. Because she is true to herself, she will do well beyond her high school education.”

As one of the co-captains on the varsity team, Ochoa had the most digs for the season.

“She is and has always been a quiet but positive leader in practice and in the games,” stated coach Pace.

“I’m not a star player, but I still think I’m a fundamental part of the team,” said Ochoa.

Ochoa feels that the efforts she made on the volleyball team were equally matched by her fellow teammates and that, despite the final volleyball standings, the team did very well this year. Improvement, Ochoa stated, is a fundamental part of volleyball.

Volleyball is Ochoa’s favorite sport because,” It’s the only sport that ever came naturally to me. It’s so enjoyable and I don’t want to stop,” she said.

Ochoa hopes to see the team improve with time. She hopes to return to Lowry next year to wish the volleyball team a good season. Ochoa said, “It’s a great sport and, like everything, practice makes perfect.”

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