Athlete of the Week: Ryan Nelson

Athlete of the Week: Ryan Nelson

By Taylor LaTray Posted January 17, 2012

“Ryan is one of the awesome senior leaders we have on our team here at Lowry. He puts out his best effort every week to help our teams,” said Michael Billingsley “And I think everyone on the team appreciates and respects him as the team leader, and a wrestler.”

This week’s Athlete of the Week is Ryan Nelson. Ryan is a wrestler who works hard to succeed in his senior and final year of wrestling. Ryan is all about his team and competing to give the toughest impression of Lowry.

His teammates around him look up to him and have nothing but good things to say about Nelson.

“Ryan is a great wrestler, and if he has the right mindset he can do anything he wants. Ryan is a good team leader he listens to you and teaches you to be better. I think he’s an all-around good guy,” said teammate Tytin Johnson.

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