Band holds tri-tip fundraiser

By Trenton Smith Posted April 18, 2012

On April 13, the Concert Band had their annual Tri-tip dinner. This is a fundraising event thrown by the Lowry Music Program/Band Boosters to raise money for things such as new instruments, reeds, and scholarships.

Fundraising is the band members go around and try to sell tickets to people. There are two kinds of tickets: the Tri-tip dinner tickets and the meat raffle tickets. The Tri-tip dinner tickets are to get in to have dinner and watch the concert. At the dinner, you can buy tickets for the band boosters’ “Where’s the Beef ?” raffle.

If you ask Kim Howell, president of the Band Booster Club, she will tell you that the Band Booster did not take the phrase “Where’s the Beef?” from Wendy’s. She will tell you that The Band Booster Club used the term “Where’s the Beef” long before Wendy’s did.

The Tri-tip dinner is very simple. The people can buy a ticket for one person ($20), a ticket for two people ($35), or buy a ticket for a whole table (which can seat up to eight ($150). They come in, sit down, and students from other parts of the music program serve them. When it seems that the majority of the audience is done with their dinner, the band begins the concert.

During the concert, students draw winning tickets for free beef and other prizes for attendees.

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