Bandwagoners are pathetic

Bandwagoners are pathetic

By Josh Shaver Posted January 18, 2013

Now that Alabama won there is going to be so much more ‘‘Bandwagoners” that say how big of fans they are. I bet probably half of the new Alabama fans, the first game they ever watched was the national championship.

It happens every year though. Whatever team seems to be winning, people tend to claim they are fans. Last year after the Oklahoma City Thunder started doing well everyone just started buying their gear. I can almost guarantee if you ask a fan where the franchise was before they moved to Oklahoma City they wouldn’t know. Everyone also loves the Heat now that they won the NBA championship last year.

I’ve personally never started to like a team after they won a championship. To this day I am a Phoenix Suns fan even though they haven’t made the playoffs in years. I will bet you whoever wins the Super Bowl this year, everyone will end up liking them.

Sorry for my rant, but seriously people just stick with one team.

Once you become a fan of one team it should be a lifetime thing and you shouldn’t bounce around from team to team depending on how they are doing.