Boy’s basketball falls just short of state title

Boy’s basketball falls just short of state title

By Theresa Thompson Posted March 3, 2010

The 2010 Season for the Lowry Varsity boy’s basketball ended with a bang. The boys went farther than they have in the past eight years by going to the state championship game. Even though the boys didn’t win state, they became closer as a team, and as friends.

“I thought the season went pretty good,” said senior Brandon Eldodt. “We had one goal at the start, and that was to win state, and we got here and just couldn’t get past them. It was a good season overall. I love these guys and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

The boys defeated Virgin Valley on February 26, for the seed in the state title game. This was an emotional time for everyone, but especially for the seniors, and their families.

“These juniors they carry us through this,” said Eldodt, “You may think it’s all these seniors, but these juniors are backing us up all the way, and they got this. Oh yeah, these guys have it in the bag next year. ”

This season the boys had eight wins and two losses. During the postseason they had two wins and two losses. The Sparks Railroaders were the only team they couldn’t defeat this season.

“I think they are going to match up with them a lot better next year,” said David Eastman “Angel Guillen is a great player and we couldn’t stop him.”

Next year the boys will not have to worry about Angel, because he is a senior and Sparks will lose him after graduation, but they will have to worry about the other upcoming students from the JV team.

Although they didn’t come out on top, they made it to state, which hasn’t happened for eight years. The varsity boy’s basketball team achieved a lot and has a lot to look forward to next year. The boys had this great accomplishment of making it as far as they did, and next year they will go back to the state title game to take it all.

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