Brandon Eastman named Valedictorian

Brandon Eastman named Valedictorian

By Madison Waldie Posted May 30, 2012

The Valedictorian of a class is the student who has maintained the highest cumulative grade point average throughout high school.

This year, the Valedictorian is a student who has made himself a role model in the classroom, on the court or field, and among his peers and friends as well. Brandon Eastman was a four-time Academic All-State player, a state champion in varsity basketball, the managing editor of The Brand, and the President of Lowry’s National Honor Society chapter.

The term Valedictorian is derived from the Latin term vale dicere, or ‘To say farewell.’ On Thursday night, May 31, 2012, Eastman will address his friends, community, teammates, family, and the Class of 2012 for one last time. He will deliver the commencement speech to the crowd and say goodbye and show his appreciation to all of the people whom he has had an impact on and those who have impacted him. Eastman plans to attend Upper Iowa University in Fayette, Iowa in the fall. He will study Sports Management and Psychology.

“It [Valedictorian] was my goal coming to Lowry as a freshman and to know that my four years of hard work in the classroom has finally paid off is a nice feeling,” said Eastman.

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