Bucks fall to Spring Creek in season finale

Bucks fall to Spring Creek in season finale

By Mary Granath Posted November 10, 2008

The Bucks fell to Spring Creek 49-8.

The Lowry Bucks Varsity Football team put up a true display of valor on Thursday, October 30. Regrettably, their efforts to prevail were not enough and the Bucks fell to Spring Creek 49-8.

The Spring Creek Spartans scored their first touchdown on a 76-yard run sixteen seconds into the game.

“It’s always a momentum crusher when they score right off the bat like that,” said coach Billingsley.

However, Lowry’s running-back Joel Barton retaliated with a 15-yard run on the kickoff return. Fellow running-back Trevor Grant continued to place pressure on the Spartan defense with a 20-yard run up the middle to the Spring Creek 36-yard line.

Sixteen minutes into the game Barton had a 30-yard run up the Spartan end of the field but Spring Creek brought Lowry to a fourth down and scored two minutes later. The Spartans scored two more times before Lowry could put themselves on the board.

Seven minutes into the second quarter running-back Barton had a 19-yard run that led to a touchdown for the Bucks. Spring Creek answered back when their running-back scored on a 90-yard run on the kickoff return and brought the score to 35-8.

The Spartans scored once more with only one minute left in the half. Lowry came close to another touchdown when quarterback August Ramasco had a 19-yard run up the middle unfortunately the buzzer sounded bringing the first half of the game to a close.

Spring Creek scored one last touchdown before bringing an end to the game and Lowry’s football season.

“The season was very positive overall,” stated Billingsley, “We won three games… and we had a chance to make the playoffs for the first time in a long time.”

Billingsley felt that the team had achieved many of its objectives throughout the season. “Our goal this year was just to get better every week and put some wins on the board and I think overall we accomplished that.”

For most the night held certain significance because it was the last football game that many of the senior players will ever participate in.

“It’s sad to see some of those guys go but I really think that senior group really helped upturn the corner as far as the program goes,” said Billingsley.

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