Can the Bucks overcome injuries?

By Rachelle Dennis Posted October 15, 2008

The Lowry Bucks and New England Patriots are similar in at least one way; they both have suffered injuries to key players. The Patriots lost their starting quarterback, Tom Brady for the season and still are winning. The Bucks have lost Reid Schwartz, Collin Messerly, and Jamie Walton. Will Lowry be able to overcome injury as the Patriots have?

Messerly and Schwartz were hurt during Lowry’s win against Cole Valley.

Schwartz said, “I went to hit someone and planted with my left foot and someone came and hit me.”

Schwartz has been diagnosed with a torn ACL and will have to have season-ending surgery. Although he is absent from the playing field, Schwartz helps run drills during practice. To avoid surgery he goes to physical therapy every day.

Messerly was also injured during the Cole Valley game.

“He [Cole Valley’s running back] was headed to the ground and I planted my foot and it got stuck but my body kept going forward. It was kind of like a separation,” Messerly said about the play when he hurt his ankle.

Like Schwartz, Messerly will likely face surgery.

Walton’s injury happened during drills at practice. During kick-off drills, he hit Will Thacker and was spun around but his cleat stuck in the turf.

Walton said, “I snapped my fibula. I had to get five pins and a plate in my ankle and that will be there for the rest of my life. The recovery time is eight weeks.”

What does success really mean? Does it mean winning all the games or does it mean getting your players to be able to fill in for the players who got hurt?

With all of the injuries, Lowry has sustained other players will have to fill these roles. Thus far, they have done well. Lowry is having its best football season in years and may make the playoffs.

Have the Bucks bounced back like the patriots? Only time will tell.

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