Celebrity showcase: Taylor Lautner, more than a werewolf

By Tara Sanders Posted October 14, 2009

Teen heart-throb Taylor Lautner is better known as the shape-shifting werewolf, Jacob Black; his role in “Twilight.”

Lautner has quickly become quite the sensation among adolescent viewers across America. At an early age, he showed he was destined for success in various activities.

Taylor Daniel Lautner was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1992. He began studying karate at the age of six. At age eleven, he ranked number one in the world for NASKA’s Black Belt Open Forms, Musical Weapons, and Traditional Weapons. When his karate master advised Lautner to audition for a Burger King commercial, in which he was unsuccessful, Lautner became more and more interested in pursuing an acting career.

At age eleven, Lautner and his family left Grand Rapids and relocated to L.A. to chase his Hollywood dreams. The move allowed Lautner to audition full-time. During his first few months of auditioning, Lautner landed a few small roles in shows such as “My Wife and Kids,” “Summerland,” and “The Bernie Mac Show.” Not only has he landed television roles, but Lautner has also been successful in voice-overs. In 2005 Lautner’s athleticism had helped him win the lead role as Sharkboy in, “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D.” Later that year he followed his first big movie by another successful audition for Eliot, in “Cheaper by the Dozen 2.”

Lautner’s big break came in 2008 when he scooped up the role for Jacob Black in Stephenie Meyer’s, “Twilight.” Jacob’s character is that of a happy-go-lucky, 16-year-old, Quiluete teenager. The “Twilight” saga is filled with heart loads of passion and drama for Lautner to portray.

In the sequel, “New Moon,” Lautner is forced to bulk up to portray the heavier role as the hunky Quiluete werewolf. Lautner’s acting styles are pushed even farther in this movie as he goes from an awkward teenager straight to a mystical creature.

Apart from portraying his animal side, Lautner is seen spending time with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. He enjoys playing football in which he is a running back on offense and middle linebacker on defense. He also enjoys playing baseball in which he plays second base and center field. His move to L.A. had helped him become more active in these sports. He also participates in LA Hip Kids, which is a hip-hop dance group. Although Lautner wants to continue acting, he wouldn’t mind becoming a film scriptwriter and director.

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