Clubs celebrate Foreign Language Day

Clubs celebrate Foreign Language Day

By Stephanie Cochrane Posted November 14, 2008

French Club advisor, Mrs. Marie-Jean Dawson said, “All three clubs are working diligently to raise money to either go abroad or do activities such as the Hispanic organization going to UNR.”

“We were trying to raise money for things like trips and scholarships so we were excited, it was good to sell everything,” said Secretary-Treasurer of the Hispanic Organization, Lizet Avila.

The clubs showed students that it is fun to participate in foreign language clubs. After each club sold their crêpes, sugar skulls, duritos, and Mexican sodas, they started a game of foreign language twister. To close the activity members of each club danced the Hispanic Macarena and the French Chicken Dance.

“It’s fun, I think it’s a good fundraiser and I think kids enjoy it,” said Lowry student Lacy Villarreal.

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