Coach of the year: Taua Cabatbat

Coach of the year: Taua Cabatbat

By Hayley Goldblatt Posted May 30, 2012

This year’s Coach of the Year is Coach Cabatbat. Being Coach of the Year means that the coach is being recognized for the hard work he or she has done over the course of the year. Cabatbat is recognized as Coach of the Year for the work he does in the football, track, and PE department. He was picked by athletes who think he deserved to be Coach of the Year.

When Coach Cabatbat was told that he was Coach of the Year, and was asked how did he feel about it, he said, “I don’t really know. I’ve never had such a great honor bestowed upon me, so I don’t know how to take it yet.”

“He puts us through so much. He’s always in a good mood” said Brycen Prokasky, who plays football for Cabatbat.

Rachel Jones, a thrower on the track team, said, “I think coach is really amazing with everybody. He’s always willing to spend time one on one, and he knows what he’s looking for.”

When Cabatbat was asked if he thought he deserved being Coach of the Year, he replied, “No I don’t, the kids are the ones that deserve it. They put out the work, put in the time, and all they see are good things come to them.”

Cabatbat puts in a lot of time and effort for his throwers for track. Jones said that when she or any of the other throwers are having trouble that he will sit down and help you until you get it. “He’s always patient with you, he never gets frustrated and starts yelling at you, and he’s always just kind of laid back and calm, and he just sits there and tells you what you need to work on and when you do it he gets really excited. You always feel really great when you did it right because you know that he’s going to say something and you’re like ‘Ok what’s he going to say this time.’”

Cabatbat was proud of how well all the sports teams did this year, “Not bad track, not bad football, basketball did pretty well, baseball made it to the playoffs, and volleyball did well. Great, great season for Lowry High Athletics, especially academically, you know? Academic All-States and what not, so yeah they did a good job overall, a good group of kids, that’s what I can say.”

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