Coaches Billingsley and Cabatbat pick the bowls

Coaches Billingsley and Cabatbat pick the bowls

By Marc Esquivel Posted December 14, 2011

Rose Bowl: Oregon (11-2) vs. Wisconsin (11-2)

Cabatbat – I’m going for Oregon because they’re the best team in Oregon. They’re better than the Beavers, way better. The Beavers have got to be the worst team in the nation. I swear to God if the Beavers played against Hawaii, Hawaii would dominate. The Beavers have no reason to be a college team; they should be a Pop Warner football team. But, I think the Ducks have more speed offensively and defensively, and I think special teams is what’s going to kill Wisconsin. Their [Wisconsin’s] special teams haven’t been looking good. And LaMichael James is the man; he came back from injury and showed why he is the man.

Billingsley – It should be a high-scoring game, they have two of the best runningbacks, LaMichael James and Monte Ball. I’m going with Oregon.

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma State (11-1) vs. Stanford (11-1)

Cabatbat – I’m going for Oklahoma State because they’ve got a better quarterback. Andrew Luck is overrated to me. Stanford is overrated to me. I like Oklahoma State and the big wide receiver matchup that they’ve got.

Billingsley – Two top QBs, Andrew Luck and Brandon Weeden, it should be an air show. I’m going with State. Oklahoma State should be playing against LSU in the national championship.

Sugar Bowl: Michigan (10-2) vs. Virginia Tech (11-2)

Cabatbat – I think with Denard Robinson at quarterback, Michigan poses too much of a threat to Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech is a solid team, but Denard Robinson is going to run all over them. Offensively, Michigan is going to cause a lot of fits for Virginia Tech that they can’t stop or handle.

Billingsley – It should be a close game. Virginia Tech got blown out by Clemson earlier so I’m going with Michigan.

Orange Bowl: Clemson (10-3) vs. West Virginia (9-3)

Cabatbat – I think Clemson is a lot more explosive and they’ve got the edge over West Virginia.
Billingsley – I think Clemson is going to beat West Virginia pretty easily, even though they do have similar records.

BCS National Championship Game: LSU (13-0) vs. Alabama (11-1)

Cabatbat – I think it’s going to be another big battle. Whoever can come into the game with their heads right, and coach’s game plans executed [will win]. I think Alabama is going to be hard to beat the second time around. Saban is going to come in ready, he’s going to use Richardson a lot more out of the backfield. Mr. Honey Badger himself is going to get punked on. Bottom line is Alabama has the studs and they should’ve won the first game. They’ll probably bring out the square-toed kicker and make a couple of field goals. Alabama has this one over LSU, it’s going to be 20-17.

Billingsley – It was a huge defensive battle last time, 9-6. I’m going to go with Nick Saban and Alabama.

Las Vegas Bowl: Boise State (11-1) vs. Arizona State (6-6)

Cabatbat – As much as I hate Boise State, and I’m tired of hearing about Boise State and where they should be in the BCS rankings, I do believe Boise State has the edge over Arizona State. Kellen Moore has been struggling lately and needs to prove himself as a quarterback, and I think this is the game he shows it.

Billingsley – Boise State is going to prove that they are one of the best teams in the nation against the average Arizona State team.

Hawaii Bowl: Nevada (7-5) vs. Southern Miss (11-2)

Cabatbat – This is going straight off of hate, I hate Nevada and they’re going to lose. They’re playing on the islands and they haven’t seen the bruddas that Southern Miss has.

Billingsley – My heart wants to go with Nevada, but I think that Southern Miss is too good after they beat the undefeated Houston. Both teams have great running attacks, but it’s going to be Southern Miss in Hawaii.

Cabatbat – The bottom line is the Beavers suck. Orange and black is whack.

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