Coda Nichols: Student-Athlete of the Week

Coda Nichols: Student-Athlete of the Week

By Destiny Medicine Cloud Posted January 25, 2022

After the Rollie Lane wrestling Tournament, it has given coach Brant Corak and coach John Brooks the chance to choose junior Coda Nichols for Student-Athlete of the Week. Nichols is dedicated to the sport and always works hard.

“Coda has dedicated himself to the sport and to outworking all of his opponents,” said coach Corak.

Nichols’s hard work will definitely pay off as they enter the last month of the season. He has worked very hard to prove himself and he for sure has.

“Coda has turned up the intensity at practice and it shows when he competes,” said coach Brooks. “If he keeps it up, he will continue to grow.”

Nichols is very grateful to be Student-Athlete of the Week. He is also grateful for his coaches, coach Brooks, and coach Corak. They both have taught him so much that he will carry throughout his life.

“I have challenged myself to the highest levels to prove the respect I have for this sport, my coaches, family, teammates, and myself,” said Nichols.

Nichols likes to wrestle because it’s unlike any sport and has taught him so much like strict discipline, hard work, setting goals, and reaching them.

“Wrestlers motivate each other on another level because no one understands the intensity unless you have experienced that pain,” said Nichols. “I have nothing but respect for the sport and the people that choose to work for it.”

Nichols is motivated every day by his family, coaches, music, and teammates seeing his competition keeps him motivated to keep up a high work ethic in all that he does in his life.