College and Career Fair a success

College and Career Fair a success

By Jacob Kolkman Posted December 1, 2008

The Career and College Fair is held every year for high school juniors and seniors who want a deeper look into possible college choices or into careers they find interesting.

Held at the Convention Center, the fair gathers miners, cops, hospital technicians, almost every branch of the U.S. armed forces, and representatives from colleges all over the West. Booths were set up to attract students walking by; representatives gave out little gifts and candy as an incentive to listen to what they had to say. College representatives spoke in hopes of presenting information to eager ears or to satiate any questions students had about college in general.

The various booths offered something for all students. Careers ranged from social services to engineering, and colleges ranged from private to universities.

The Marines’ booth was one of the more popular. Push-ups were mandatory if a passer-by wanted a t-shirt. Yet the police booth held its place as most visited and talked about.

Entertaining demonstrations drew large crowds. Representatives let students dress up in a make-shift SWAT outfit and the officers jovially demonstrated uses for their training batons. The N.D.I. booth was quite interesting as well, with a display of illegal paraphernalia that had been confiscated over the past six months.

The Career Fair is an event that benefits students’ understanding of choices they can make after high school, and also entertains them with dreams of the future.

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