Daren ‘Jack’ Briones: ‘focus on having fun’

Daren ‘Jack’ Briones: ‘focus on having fun’

By Jacob Kolkman Posted December 17, 2008

Daren Briones, or Jack as he likes to be called, is one of the most cynical and fun-loving seniors at Lowry High School. Daren has been a resident of Winnemucca for many years but before coming to this wonderful little town of ours he lived in Roseburg, Oregon for a while. Daren says they moved just for the sake of change and doesn’t even really remember that place.

Daren now lives with his parents, Hector and Stephanie, little sisters Bridget and Jessica and younger brother Warren. When Daren isn’t spending time with his loving and caring family he is working at Round Table Pizza. Daren likes to work because he gets no greater satisfaction than out of a hard day’s work and of course he just loves money. When he isn’t working or going to school Daren relaxes by playing his guitar since his music is his passion, playing games, or being on the internet all day long.

Daren enjoys school on such a level that it would make the hardest working nerd seem like a slacker. His favorite class is Accounting since his favorite teacher, Mr. Ron Espinola teaches it. Mr. Espinola is Daren’s favorite because he is a good teacher despite the fact that he is old, crusty, and decrepit.

The most important thing in his life, he said, are his vital organs because, “Without them I couldn’t really accomplish the kinds of things that most people accomplish.”

Daren doesn’t know why, but he just never got along with wide-ruled paper, Furbies, or using a toothbrush more than once a day. Out of those three, Furbies somehow scare this senior.

Daren is most proud of his girlfriend Casaundra French and his role model BucketHead, since BucketHead makes amazing music and wants people to only like his music and not himself.

Daren doesn’t see himself anywhere special in ten years but he did have some advice for others about high school.

“Just do enough in high school to get by, but focus on having fun. You will be working for the rest of your life,” he said. “So have as much fun as possible while you still can.”

Wise words from a wise student we are lucky to have at Lowry.

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