December 2008 Student of the Month

December 2008 Student of the Month

By Leadership January 5, 2008

Note: This article is provided by Mrs. Grady’s Leadership class.

Each month Lowry High School recognizes four outstanding students, not only for their academics but also for their attitude and persistence. This month the students nominated were freshman Michael Murchison, sophomore Leland Miller, junior Teasha Martinez, and senior Marlen Martinez.

Freshman Michael Murchison was nominated by Mrs. Molina.

Mrs. Molina said “Michael is a great student who has worked on improving self-control skills for the last month. He is bright and has a great sense of humor. He is working hard at communicating to peers and adults with his communication device-I Chat.”

Mrs. Pasquale a science teacher at Lowry nominated sophomore Leland Miller.

Mrs. Pasquale stated, “Leland shows great accountability in his work. He is a deader in his lab group. He is always courteous and kind to those around him.”

Teasha Martinez was nominated for junior student of the month, by Mrs. Ludlow an English teacher from Lowry.

Mrs. Ludlow said, “Teasha is a fine student who exhibits academic curiosity and a very fine work ethic.”

Lastly, Government teacher Mrs. Mercado nominated senior Marlen Martinez for Student of the Month.

Mrs. Mercado said, “Marlen is a fantastic student to have in class. She is an extraordinarily hard worker and is also very helpful to other students. She is a wonderful example of how hard work really pays off.”

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