‘Don’t blink’

‘Don’t blink’

By Calvin Connors Posted April 24, 2012

Kenney Chesney is a very respectable country star who sings of the great moments in life and the low moments in life. His music makes you reminisce about all the great times in your life you wish you had back.

In his song “Don’t Blink”, Chesney sings about how precious life is and that you should live life to the fullest. In the song he references back to an older man that is turning 100 years old, the man states that life goes by too fast and that one second he was getting married, having kids, and the next thing he knew was that he was a grandparent and than he was turning 100 years old. This song, like most country music, makes you feel either happy or sad when they reference life and all the good moments you spend with friends and family.

I highly suggest you listen to this song because of the message the song is getting across; that you need to have fun in life, don’t always pick your job over family, try and have dinner at the table with the television off, and just enjoy your kids while you have them. One moment they are running around in diapers and the next moment they are walking down the aisle with their soon-to-be husband or wife. 

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