Do’s and Don’ts for the end of the world

Do’s and Don’ts for the end of the world

By Wyatt Lester Posted December 12, 2012

Don’t be scared…we all have to die sometime.

Do try to survive as long as possible though. You want to have a good run at living.

Don’t try to find out why the world is ending…that’s knowledge for a higher power.

Do try to save your grandma or something. That’s a little more in your league when it comes to being a hero.

Do have some form of weaponry to protect yourself.

Don’t have strictly firearms. Ammo is scarce.

Do try to kill all the zombies if there is a zombie apocalypse.

Don’t let them bite you.

Do aim for the head.

Don’t think taking out their legs will work…they have arms to crawl.

Do have a big ugly armored vehicle.

Don’t have a fancy Ferrari. You will probably flip it while going 110 mph on a freeway and die.

Do try to get to high ground if there is a flood.

Don’t try to build an ark…unless you’re a carpenter.

Do try to uphold basic society when almost everyone is dead.

Don’t try and keep our government running…it’s a horrible system in the post-apocalyptic wastelands.

Do try to play the “Fallout” games to practice surviving in the post-apocalyptic wastes.

Don’t trust the crazy religious radicals that want you to drink their Kool-Aid on judgment day.

Do trust your neighbor with a fallout shelter. He’s probably a pretty smart guy in the end.

Don’t follow Bear Grylls. The guy doesn’t actually survive by himself…there’s a camera crew.

Do follow Les Stroud from the TV show survivor man. The guy really knows how to survive and films himself.

Do follow me in real life when the end happens. Just like on Twitter, I’m worthwhile to follow.