Do’s and Don’ts of Prom

By Desiree Cardenas Posted April 27, 2011

Every year on the first Saturday of May, Lowry High School hosts Prom Night. The theme this year is masquerade. Students were expected to dress their best and have a fabulous time. For some students this is their first time at prom; there are some unspoken guidelines that everyone should know. One may take this advice or leave it.

Do get ready with friends and eat dinner before hand, once the doors close you can’t leave and come back.

Don’t believe the lie that you need to go to prom with a date. The main upside about a date is the possibility you that can split the ticket price.

Don’t wear a dress that makes it impossible for you to dance in, avoid the floor-length fluffy dresses. It really puts a damper on your peers’ fun when your dress is constantly in the way.

Do dance, no matter how bad you are, just move. Believe me; people will notice that you’re not dancing before they notice that you’re a bad dancer.

Don’t match the tux and dress. That looks so cheesy and cliché. But, if you feel that you must coordinate looks just match his tie with the dress. The vest is way too much, especially if the dress is a very feminine color.

Don’t sit out on the slow dances! I guarantee that there’s more than one single guy at prom that will be more than willing to dance with a pretty girl, after all, I’m sure he doesn’t want to sit the dance out either.

Do get your picture taken. It kills time while people are still arriving. While you’re upstairs it’s easy to avoid that awkward “start of the dance, but no one’s dancing” vibe on the dance floor.

Do take off the high heels. Prom is longer than the other dances and staying in heels for four hours can be very painful.

Don’t feel like you have to be upset that the person you voted for didn’t win royalty. Be happy that someone else’s high school career was just made.

Don’t bring a purse. There are a lot of tables and you’ll most likely forget what table you left it at. Don’t trust a room full of high school students when there’s something valuable in the purse. Maybe leave it in the car, or ask one of the chaperones if they have somewhere they can hold it.

Do go at least one year; one memory of prom is better than no memory of prom.

Do be happy that you’re attending prom. There’s a lot of money that’s spent on those four hours, so make the best of it. If you mope about not having a date it throws a bad vibe for everyone, and if you do have a date; enjoy their company.

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