Do’s and Don’ts: Spring

Do’s and Don’ts: Spring

By Danielle Scott Posted March 4, 2022

As the winter season changes into spring it’s always a necessity to make the most of the season.

Do: Put the holiday decorations away, you shouldn’t still be celebrating in March.

Don’t: Jump in the rain puddles in jeans, we all know they don’t dry fast.

Do: Go outside, the weather is getting better so it’s the perfect time to.

Don’t: Listen to the same song on repeat for an hour, even if it is a good one.

Do: Ditch the heavy coats and winter hats, you won’t need them for a while.

Don’t: Make old jokes.

Do: Take an hour or day to do whatever you want because we have to let go every once in a while.

Don’t: Forget to pick flowers for Mother’s Day.

Do: Learn to cook, can’t just eat cereal every time you’re hungry.

Don’t: Waste the sunny days, Nevada won’t give us good weather forever.