Do’s and Don’ts: Valentine’s Day

Do’s and Don’ts: Valentine’s Day

By Wyatt Lester Posted February 6, 2013

Do try to actually find a valentine.

Don’t be single, unless you’re ready to mingle, or you could eat a Pringle.

Do try to impress your Valentine with lots of positive attention and kindness.

Don’t pull a John Hinckley, Jr. and try to impress your valentine.

Do give chocolate to your valentine.

Don’t give them chocolate if they are deathly allergic.

Don’t give them generic gifts; be different and awesome for once in your life.

Do take them on a date to a fancy restaurant. A super fancy fancy restaurant.

Don’t take them to McDonald’s, that’s not romantic…unless you’re a McDouble connoisseur then that’s cool.

Do give them a bouquet of flowers or some kind of smelly pretty thing that women like.

Don’t try to serenade them with a song unless you are a talented musician.

Don’t ask Jessie Schirrick to be your valentine. Just don’t.

Do ask Justin Albright because he is single and ready to mingle.

Do enjoy the pointless holiday.

Don’t have heartbreak over the whole day.

Do try to ask a celebrity to be your valentine. That’d be cool.

Don’t ask Paris Hilton. That’s a road you don’t want to go down.

Do find a singles convention with the little name tags and awkward conversations.

Don’t go to Wal-Mart because that’s weird.

Do send me chocolate and Sweet tarts.

Don’t send licorice.