England, France, and Spain in 15 days

England, France, and Spain in 15 days

By Calvin Connors Posted January 25, 2012

Thirty-nine students from Lowry High are getting the chance of a lifetime by traveling to England, France, and Spain in 2013.

“I think the kids get a wide range of differences between the culture wherever we go and our culture here,” said Ms. Amie Godinez.

For students to get the chance to go on this trip they need to pay about $4,000, this money pays for air fair, transportation, food, entrance fees, and tour guides. The students spend five days in each country and visit the main attractions in the places they stay. This will be Godinez’s fifth time traveling to a foreign country with Lowry students.

“I love to see the students use the language they learned and interact with locals,” said Godinez.

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