Enjoy Your High School Years

By Jolyn Garcia Posted October 16, 2013

High school years are the time in a teenager’s life when they embark on a journey to self-discovery. This journey is not an easy or simple one; there will be many rough spots along the way. But high school is also the best place for a person to explore and branch out.

There are many different clubs and extra-curricular activities that you could involve yourself in to find your niche.

Don’t be afraid to participate in Homecoming and Winterfest activities. Who cares if some of your friends and peers find it lame to dress up on theme days? Put on your class colors and proudly wear your favorite sports team jersey. Participating in the dress-up days can be more exciting than you think. Sign up for Powderpuff or Heman, step to the stage and sing to your peers, and enjoy the Mr. Lowry competition. There are many interesting events that take place during these weeks and even if you don’t have a friend to accompany you, don’t miss out.

Don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard. If you want to cheer and support your class during assemblies, stand next to the people who always cheer at these events. If you know the answer to the question the teacher just asked, say it. Do you have an idea for a class fundraiser or event? Talk to your class officers and advisor. It is better to stand out in the crowd than to blend in and be hidden.

Don’t try to impress your friends or peers with negative attributes and other things that don’t matter. You may be wearing an outfit that cost your parents $200, driving their new car, and being the greatest party host who dates only popular people. But let’s think about the things that do actually matter. Do you pass your classes or do you barely squeak by? Do your classmates respect and admire you, or are they only in it for the benefits that come with the friendship? The things you think your classmates will judge you by, don’t actually matter. Be yourself and find people who will accept you for who you really are, not just the person you display at school.

Take some responsibility. High school is where you are supposed to grow up and mature, and with maturity comes responsibility. Don’t blame the teacher for your bad grade, ask them why you have that grade and see if there is anything you could do to improve it. It is not a teacher’s job to make you fail, they are here to teach you and help you. Some teachers are even mentors in disguise, so really listen to what they have to say and soak up their wisdom.

Your high school years are supposed to be the best years of your life. Spend this time focusing on the things that actually matter. Reach your goals, take part in extra-curricular and school activities, be yourself and enjoy the ride.