Fake News: Mr. Parks to reappear at Lowry High in the kitchen

Fake News: Mr. Parks to reappear at Lowry High in the kitchen

By Audry Mason Posted December 16, 2022

As of the end of this school year, Principal Mr. Ray Parks will be retiring.

Mr. Parks intends to make his post-retirement plans to leave Lowry High. Although Parks has been at Lowry for nine years, he has never revealed his desire to be a school cook.

“I had always planned on being a principal here at Lowry for as long as possible, but I knew I had to fulfill my dream of being a school cook,” said Parks. “What better time than now?”

Parks was not planning on having any students find out about his secret desire. That was until Jules Vern spotted him in the band room knitting a pink apron, and humming a rhythm.

“I remember walking past the band room and hearing an odd noise so I peeked through the door and saw Mr. Parks knitting himself a pink apron,” said Vern.

Although Parks didn’t see Vern, he knew that he had to put his idea out in the public for those to see. He had decided to make a post on Facebook about his upcoming career.

The post read:

“Hello fellow Lowry staff, parents, and students, as you all know I will be retiring from the Principal position at the high school. I made it official yesterday, I will be rejoining the staff as an official school cook. This way I can still interact with the students, and make my dream of being a part of the kitchen a reality.”