Fake news: Santa accidentally posts phone number

Fake news: Santa accidentally posts phone number

By Hadley Hatch Posted: December 18, 2020

Yesterday one of Santa’s elves accidentally released his phone number on social media. He then quickly took it down. The elf’s account name was santa’s_helper#1209 his real name was Pepper Minstix. He then released a post on his socials.

The post read, “To everyone who saw the post I accidentally released at the start of this day, please only call if you have been nice this year.”

Pepper is one of Santa’s favorite elves so Santa forgave him. Santa then got on Pepper’s account and posted this.

“Hi everyone this is Santa Claus, I hope you’re being good and preparing for Christmas. In regards to the post about my phone number, if you know my phone number please dont get mad if my phone goes to voicemail this time of year “I am very busy, but feel free to leave a message.”

Many children and adults who have seen the phone number have called and left a message regarding their Christmas wishes.The phone number is 1-319-527-2680.

Remember that Christmas wishes only come true if you are on your best behavior.  

Have a very merry Christmas.

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