FCCLA: More than Home-Ec

FCCLA: More than Home-Ec

By Savannah McDade Posted October 20, 2010

Lowry is known for having various clubs that are both beneficial to the community as well as Lowry students, one such club is FCCLA.

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FCCLA is a fairly new club established by Mrs. Courtney Rorex and Mrs. Marlene Killion. The Club primarily focuses on community service projects as well as competing in events such as sewing, culinary arts, and child development. Throughout the year, FCCLA travels for competition.

There are two traveling events this year and club members are working diligently on preparing for their first competition which will take place in Elko. However, the club is still in the early phase of progress, and brainstorming ideas for community service projects are the key focus as of now.

Club President and first-year member, senior Berenice Sanchez is elated to be a part of the club because she realizes that the skills that are obtained in FCCLA are useful in everyday life. Sanchez is planning on competing in sewing as well as culinary events.

She is also very open-minded to input from others, “It’s not too late, we’re always welcome to new members who want to join,” said Sanchez. FCCLA is definitely a great opportunity to get involved with the school and community; having this club under your belt also looks great on a resume or college application, “It shows how well-rounded you are,” explained Sanchez.

The best way students can better educate themselves on the particulars of this organization is to go to a meeting. FCCLA meets every Tuesday during lunch in Mrs. Killion’s room.

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