February Students of the Month

By Francisco Ceballos and Alex Schumacher Posted February 19, 2007

Here in the second month of 2007 comes our second batch of staff/student members of the month. For the freshmen, Trenna Terrill was nominated because of her hard work and motivation as well as holding herself to a high standard of personal excellence. Even though both volleyball and basketball have caused her to miss considerable amounts of school, she has been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA during her first year of high school.

Second, we have Samantha Buttram. Samantha is a sophomore, nominated for being a well-prepared student, a quiet leader in class, with outstanding respect and behavior. She is smart and easy to get along with.

Next, we have Manuel Magaña. Manuel is a junior, nominated because even while missing school for sports, Manuel kept his grades up. Manuel is also a great role model for his peers in his constant, consistent wonderful classroom behavior. Manuel has been a joy to have in class.

Rounding off the batch of students is Katie Baker. Katie is a senior nominated because of her involvement in school activities, such as being a Captain of the Varsity dance team. She is always positive, smiling, and full of spirit, a real love of people and learning. Katie is a natural leader and helped organize the annual little girl’s dance camps. Someone the underclassmen on the teams really can look up to, as a great role model

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