FFMS band teacher starts community band

FFMS band teacher starts community band

By Hadley Hatch Posted: December 18, 2020

In September, an outside band was formed by Dave Munk. This is not the first time a community band has been started.

“A little over twenty years ago there was an attempt here in Winnemucca to start a community band. The effort, unfortunately, failed, but there has been a need for an outlet for people who have an interest and background in performing in a band,” said Munk. 

Mr. Munk has graciously been fulfilling this need for the community. On the morning of October 24, Munk and the Backyard Band performed a rehearsal for the community at Vesco Park. Songs in this rehearsal included quotes around song titles. The music was performed by many members of the community including students K-12 and other members of the community ranging from ages 18-80. This rehearsal was performed in front of the band members’ friends and family, who were very entertained.

Many of the people attending the rehearsal felt the band helped them and their family and friends to really feel the patriotic spirit, mainly because most of the songs were repetitious. Munk intends to keep the band playing patriotic songs.

“One traditional use of a wind band is to provide music for patriotic occasions, which we intend to do,” said Munk.

Lowry student and flutist, Mackenzie Swensen, also plays piano and has been in a band for many years.

“I play the flute in a backyard band and the school band. I love playing music and have been paying in a band for almost six years now,” said Swensen.

Mackenzie Swensen and Zoey Theis who are both flute players./Courtesy
Mackenzie Swensen and Zoey Theis who are both flute players./Courtesy

The band allows Swensen to do what she loves especially in a setting where they get to rehearse in front of family and friends. 

“It is nice to be able to perform for people more often,” said Swensen.

This is a very beautiful thing considering the hard times all Americans, including our community are facing. This band is intended to benefit the community. Mr. Munk said.

“I think doing positive things together as community members is a more productive way for us to become united as a people in spite of our differences,” said Munk. 

This band is bringing people together therefore it is bringing the community together. This band wants to continue bringing people together so if you have a background in traditional woodwind band instruments feel free to contact Mr. Dave Munk at bandmunk@gmail.com.

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