Freshman boys beat Battle Mt.

By Mary Granath Posted February 8, 2009

On February 4 the freshmen boys basketball team faced off against Battle Mountain in an away game where they won 53-29. Lowry had played and defeated the Longhorns a few weeks previous on the Bucks’ home turf.

“We got off to an early lead,” said coach Taua Cabatbat, “But we still have to work on a few things.”

Although it was an easy victory for the team, the boys won by less than when they played them before.

“We have been improving but in the game, we just didn’t play how we were supposed to,” said Bryan Noble.

A.J. Ourada was the lead scorer in the game with 16 points, Noble and Dion Wardell had 12 and 10 respectively.

The Freshmen basketball team will next play Dayton in an away game Friday, February 6.

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