Freshman football falls to Lassen

Freshman football falls to Lassen

By Mary Granath Posted October 9, 2008

It was a long and harsh battle for the freshman football team when they faced the Lassen Grizzlies Friday afternoon; a battle that despite their best efforts would end in a loss.

By the end of the first quarter, the Bucks would find themselves in a six point deficit with the score being 13-7. Lowry would never close this gap in the score. Throughout the first quarter, there were several good drives by both teams in the first quarter but all fell short.

Early in the second quarter, Lassen pushed their ranks closer to the Lowry end-zone. Despite good defensive plays, led mainly by Lowry’s linebacker Bret Hammon, Lassen scored making the score 19-7 and added two more points with a two-point conversion increasing their lead to 21-7. Lassen then scored again minutes later making the score 28-7.

“We did not have a good start to the third quarter, we were down in a hole, but we kept battling offensively,” says head coach Ron Beck. 

And Battle is just what they did. The Bucks responded with a drive of their own making their way to Lassen’s end of the field. Running-back Troy Jock ran for 13-yards before being blocked by the Lassen defense. Quarterback Dion Wardell gave the ball to running back Johnathan Landa who then had a 15-yard drive which put the Bucks less than 10-yards from the goal line. Unsportsmanlike conduct on Lassen then put Lowry on the 6-yard line and from there Jock scored easily improving the score to 28-13.

Although they gave a great effort, the Bucks couldn’t seem to stop Lassen from scoring. Soon Lassen reached Lowry’s goal line and scored boosting the score to 35-13 in the fourth quarter. However, Lowry retaliated and sent Hammon into the end zone and then made a flawless 2-point conversion when they faked a PAT making the score 35-21.

Runningback Troy Jock Runningback evades two Lassen defenders in Lowry's 41-28 loss to Lassen September 5, 2008./Jayna Hill • The Brand
Running back Troy Jock Runningback evades two Lassen defenders in Lowry’s 41-28 loss to Lassen on September 5, 2008./Jayna Hill • The Brand

With only a few minutes left in the game, although attempts directed by defensive player Nick Lujan to stop the Grizzlies, Lassen scored again making the score 41-21. Lowry refused to give up and instead shoved the Lassen defense toward their end of the field. With barely a minute left on the clock, Wardell passed to Lujan and the Bucks scored once more. However, when the final buzzer rang out the score was 41-28.

“As far as our effort went we could have done a lot better, but we were just outmatched physically,” stated coach Ty Lucas.

Coach Lucas thinks if the team has a more aggressive attitude in their next game they will have a better result.

Coach Beck added, “We need to play better as a team. We have some individuals who are starting to make plays for us. You always want to get better in the end and hopefully, that’s where we’re headed.”

Jayna Hill contributed to this article.

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