Friends of Rachael Club founded at Lowry

By Chelsea Baker Posted January 1, 2012

NOTE: This story provided by the Leadership Class

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Lowry High School and Rachael’s challenge join hands to start a chain reaction of kindness both at school and all around the community.

Lowry caught the Rachael’s Challenge bug about mid-September when a representative and a close friend of Rachael’s family came to speak to our school about the Columbine Shooting and how it changed people’s lives forever.

Rachael Scott was one of the first people to be murdered in the Columbine Shooting, she was a kind girl that wanted to leave behind a legacy of kindness. Rachael’s motto was “start a chain reaction”.

A Friends of Rachael club has been started at Lowry and their goal is to start random acts of kindness around the school. The club, led by our counselor Lynn Ludlow meets every Tuesday at lunch in the high school gym and every last Tuesday of the month is Unity day.

On Unity day everyone wears orange to fight the battle against bullying. The club started with 100 members, but now only has about 30 active members. At each of the meetings, the kids play “ice breaker” activities to get to know each other and plan weekly ways to spread kindness around the school.

This week’s goal is to stop gossip. The members are planning not to listen to gossip or spread it. The members of the club will be rewarded in the spring with an all-day Rachael’s challenge training session.

When I spoke to one of the members of the club, I asked what was the most rewarding part of being in the Friends of Rachael Club. She replied, “the most rewarding part is knowing that I am carrying on a legacy of kindness by starting my own chain reaction.” this member helps out by sticking up for others being bullied and also by helping out the new kids at Lowry High.

The Friends of Rachael club seems to know quite a bit about starting a chain reaction of kindness so let’s all join in and stop bullying.

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