From Bacău to Winnemucca

From Bacău to Winnemucca

By Mary Granath Posted February 18, 2009

This year Lowry has welcomed many new students, some coming up from Junior High, some from other states, and a rare few from other countries. Eighteen-year-old Daeryl Mezmen has joined us at Lowry all the way from Romania. Mezmen had lived in the small town of Bacău near the Carpathian mountains. But when his brother was given the chance of a lifetime his family decided to move to the United States.

“My brother Maurice has ice-skated since the first steps of his and he got offered a spot with the United States Olympic Ice-Skating team for upcoming Olympics 2012,” said Mezmen.

His family moved to Reno but Mezmen’s parents found the schools and the city to be too large and dangerous for their taste. His father soon discovered Winnemucca and found it to be the perfect place.

“Maurice is homeschooling now and does most of his homework in my mother’s automobile when going to Reno for skating,” said Mezmen.

Mezmen and his younger sister Hilton now attend High School and the Junior High respectively.

“I begin to acclimate to life here,” said Mezmen, “This town is very much larger than Bacău,” However, Mezmen has found many things that are different here. “In Romania, not very many people drive. I was surprised to see almost every learner here has a car, sometimes even if they don’t have license.”

Overall Mezmen stated that he feels very welcomed at Lowry. “When I first come to school David Eastman and Terrell Messerly showed me to school. They were kind; they even invited me to their basketball game. I think we’re going to be great friends, kind of like candy bar Three Musketeers,” Mezmen hopes for more good memories and plenty of learning.

NOTE: This is fictitious. Can you guess who the picture is?

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