Gilboy and Rivas place in Scholastic Art Show

Gilboy and Rivas place in Scholastic Art Show

By Araceli Galarza Posted February 25, 2020

This year Lowry had two Advanced Art students place in the Scholastic Art Show. The scholastic competition is the annual statewide competition for young artists. This year’s winners are Araceli Rivas and Elizabeth Gilboy.

Advanced Art teacher Julia Topholm sys the students utilize the techniques they learn in class.

“I try to teach them the basics, like the principles and elements of design,” said Topholm. “From there I try to let them have the freedom to paint what they are interested in. Some of the best work is done when you are passionate about what you are painting.” 

Elizabeth Gilboy./Courtesy • Winnada
Elizabeth Gilboy./Courtesy • Winnada

Elizabeth Gilboy junior spoke about the escape that painting gives her. 

“Painting is like my safe space, I can just zone out for hours and not worry about anything it’s very calming,” said Gilboy.

Many people view art in different lights, Araceli spoke about the comfort that painting provides her and what she believes art really means. 

“It’s a distraction mostly and an outlet. like if I’m sad I’ll paint something happy and it’ll have a lot of emotion or character in it, art is just like an expression, you can tell how the artist was feeling by the way they painted or drew a piece,” said Rivas.

"Just Push Play" by Elizabeth Gilboy.
“Just Push Play” by Elizabeth Gilboy.

This is Araceli’s third year placing and final year in high school. She spoke about plans to go to UNR for journalism and minor in art. 

Junior Elizabeth still has a few years to decide what she is going to do after high school but also shared her plans for after high school.

Araceli Rivas./Courtesy • Winnada
Araceli Rivas./Courtesy • Winnada

“I’m going to apprentice for tattooing and I’m going to art school and I might go to business school,” said Gilboy.

Both of these artists have placed multiple times and continue to show the excellence of Lowry’s students. 

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