Girls golf shooting for the top of the league

Girls golf shooting for the top of the league

By Chris Gildone Posted March 19, 2021

The girl’s golf team has been cleared to play and is well into their season. So far the girls have enjoyed a lot of success winning the first two tournaments of the season.

With their first tournament at home, the girls came in first on Friday, March 5, and on Tuesday, March 9 came in third on Fernley.

Kaitlyn Hales is a senior at Lowry. She has been golfing since her freshman year. She wasn’t happy with her performance at the first tournament but has been working on her mistakes and improving.

“I got pointers for my coach on what I was doing wrong with my chipping and putting so I took into account what she told me to fix and it worked,” said Hales.

Just like any other sport or activity at this time the girls have to carry out the set protocols to keep everyone safe. One big change this year is they do not hand out awards to the top three teams or top three individuals at the end of the tournament. In addition, teams from California are not competing in Nevada while some teams can’t travel east.

“When we’re crowded we have to wear masks but since it’s outside and already distanced, we don’t have to wear masks but we just socially distance,” said Hales. “We have to leave as soon as our team gets done.”

Another golfer on the team is Piper Nichols, a freshman at Lowry High School she is having a very good season and is leading the team in stats and getting second at home and third in Fernley. She thinks they are doing good.

“We have started off this season strong and I feel like the team is doing very well,” said Nichols

The girl’s golf team gets along well. Hales mentioned how close they were as a team compared to other years and Nichols agrees that they are close.

“The team gets along really well,” said Nichols. “There is no tension between any of us, some days we all go get hot chocolate or ice cream after practice and it’s always really fun when we are with each other.”

As there is a lot of travel for golf being able to play well on different courses is an advantage.

“For me when you play away because there’s less pressure,” said Kaitlyn Hales. “If it’s a home course people think you’re going to do better with more pressure on you to do better. It’s easier to play on the away courses because there’s less pressure on you to do your best.”

The Lady Bucks will be back in action on Tuesday, March 23 in Fallon.

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