Governor Gibbons works to save taxpayers money

By Savannah McDade Posted May 11, 2010

On May 7, 2008, Governor Jim Gibbons created the Spending and Government Efficiency Commission (SAGE). The tasks of the commission consist of reviewing “state government operations that fall under the Executive Branch” as well as providing the Governor with proposals for the reformation of operations, improving customer service, and putting taxpayer dollars to good use.

According to a recent press release, Governor Jim Gibbons praised SAGE for its efforts to “review Executive Branch operations and evaluate solutions for efficiencies.” Governor Gibbons has been working diligently to implement recommendations made by the commission which will therefore save taxpayers’ money. “Under the direction of Chairman Bruce James, the SAGE Commission came up with solid recommendations and ideas to save public funds and make Nevada government run more efficiently,” Gibbons said. Out of the 44 recommendations, eight have been fully implemented and 19 are in progress.

“The thoughtful work of the SAGE Commission is invaluable to my staff as we continue to work on ways to make Nevada government smaller, smarter and more efficient. My daily goals are to get Nevadans back to work and to make government less burdensome on our economic recovery,” Gibbons said.

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