I think I love ‘I Think I Love You, Beth Cooper’

By Amy Balagna Posted: February 18, 2009

Who doesn’t imagine high school to be the classic story of the nerd, the boy covered in acne that has a secret love for the extremely popular, beautiful, varsity cheerleader? To be honest, until this book I wasn’t a fan of the cliché high school love stories like the many John Hughes [director of “The Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles”] movies, but Larry Doyle has added the perfect comic twist.

Larry Doyle’s, “I Love You, Beth Cooper”, has a rather simple, predictable plot, the book keeps you interested. The author goes into the mind of a squeamish, “master debater”, valedictorian, Dennis Cooverman, who declares his love for Beth Cooper at their high school graduation, much to the dismay of Beth’s army boyfriend. But, Dennis is not discouraged, scenario’s pump through his brain, all ending with the majestic first kiss. He thinks he just might be prepared until the opposite of what is expected happens, and Dennis gets beat up… again. This seems to happen quite frequently.

This quick read is well worth your time, it will appeal to many different tastes and ages as I assume the high school experience has not changed much throughout the years. It’s extremely entertaining and at one point left me laughing out loud.

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