In its 26th year, the Lowry Preschool continues to be a success

In its 26th year, the Lowry Preschool continues to be a success

By Esmeralda Aguilar Posted April 22, 2009

The Lowry High School Preschool program has once again opened its doors to the public. On Wednesday, March 4, the Child Development I and II classes met their prospective students and parents.

Mrs. Marlene Killion, the Child Development teacher, said that the program was intended to be a learning experience for both the Lowry students and the preschool students. Killion has offered the program for twenty-six years and has said, “We do it because it’s fun.”

Each Child Development student must create a lesson plan, which includes a fun activity for the child and a snack. Child Development students take turns planning the lessons and activities during their scheduled teaching date. Students are given two weeks to prepare for their teaching session.

The regular preschool days are every block Wednesday and Thursday during Child Development hours. Preschoolers may be dropped off by their parents and picked up shortly before the school hour ends.

For many first-year students, this program seems like a nerve-wracking experience. Sahul Acosta, stated, “At first I was nervous, thinking that I wouldn’t do very well. But, then once it started, it was a lot of fun. It was pretty cool.”

Many children agree, stating that preschool is an enjoyable experience. “Preschool is pretty good,” said four-and-a-half-year-old Tommy Mosser.” He added, “I like snack time and stuff.”

Three-year-old Justin Scott, Acosta’s student, agreed and said that crayons, books, and snacks are the best part of preschool.

Students and parents alike enjoy the preschool atmosphere. Killion hopes that in years to come the program continues to be successful as it has been in years past.

The program will conlcude in May.

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