Irrelevance of High School Sports

By Jessie Schirrick Posted October 16, 2013

Very few of Lowry’s athletes will actually go on to pursue athletic careers in their college or professional lives. That is why it is astonishing to me how seriously everybody regards these extracurricular activities.

I understand that there are certain benefits to high school sports like being involved in the school and enhancing physical fitness. Athletes are expected to revolve their whole lives around it however which is a drastic decision to make while in high school still. Athletes should be able to get good grades; play their sport; keep a job; and lead healthy, active social lives as well.

Not to mention the excessive amount of appreciation they receive every year. The athletes get recognized at the beginning of Homecoming week, the end of Homecoming week, the beginning of Winterfest week, and the end of Winterfest week. Honestly, athletes are constantly in the spotlight.
So what about students who aren’t in high school sports? When do they get special recognition at assemblies or pep rallies? People who maintain outstanding GPAs all year don’t get half of the attention that athletes do. Yes, there is the Academic Assembly but that comes once a year. Let’s not forget the pep band who faithfully comes to every single football and basketball home game just to support these athletes. When do they get their assembly?

The athletes do work hard and deserve attention but everybody should get the same treatment.