Jessie’s Journal

Jessie’s Journal

By Jessie Shirrick Posted May 30, 2012

I recently learned how to sleep with my eyes open. T’was a rather frightening experience to have. I had a dream while I was looking at a TV, and I was awoke by a loud noise.

I can bend one leg and the other one too.

What if somebody was really smart but nobody or anybody knew.

I think the last month of school should be discontinued; because I haven’t done any of my school work due to the fact that I no longer care about my grades.

Prom was awesome. There was people dancing around and stuff.

My birthday is soon. I want to be gifted some shoe laces. I’m going to have a birthday party, but you aren’t invited. You can watch it happen from your mom’s house but she won’t be home, for she is invited.

There really is no purpose of life, you study and get good grades, so you can go to college and pay to study, and then you get a job and you get money and then you spend your money on stuff, and then you have a bunch of stuff, and then you have a family, and you spend money on your family. Then you die, and none of the studying, or money, or stuff matters anyway. So you’ve done all this for nothing, congratulations.

That awkward moment when you realize that you’re reading a newspaper.

This year has gone by really fast, you may almost say that it has gone by too fast, but probably not.

Memory loss is killer.

This edition of Jessie’s Journal is dedicated to Melanie Vance- coworker, beekeeper, and Arch Nemesis. I bid you farewell as you journey into the unknown territory of Spokane. Until we meet again.

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