JV boys begin undefeated

JV boys begin undefeated

By Marc Esquivel & Destiny James Posted December 14, 2011

JV boy’s basketball has brought us a new year, a new season, and new players. The team is made up of all sophomores except one…Sterling Dennis; the only freshman to make JV.

“It is definitely weird being the only freshmen on the team, but I know most of the guys from AAU traveling team, and I know this is going to be a great season for us,” said Dennis.

Dennis plays guard along with sophomores Christopher Mendoza, and Joshua Shaver.

“We bring a lot of skill to the table this year because we are going to have a good season. We may get [beat] in the beginning but by the end of the season we will be dominating,” said Mendoza.

The team also consists of four wings Ethan Gray, Jake Logan, Nathan Eldodt, and Tanner Lucemberry. They are all new to the team, so let’s see what they bring.

The team is rounded out by post players Dustin Bryan, Marcus Molina, Robert Stepper, Sergio Casteneda, and Justin Albright.

Robert Stepper believes the team will progress as the season goes on.

“Basketball is a pretty chill sport and I love playing the game, and I think we are going to get better as a team as the season goes on,” said Stepper.

Coach Walton is excited to see if the boys JV can compete at 4A level.

“I think we should be relatively strong, it is all of the returning freshmen from last year and as a team, they were very strong. When we play 4A schools it will be interesting to see if we are at their level,” coach Walton said.

The JV boys recently opened up their basketball season on December 3 in Lovelock for the Pershing County basketball tournament. The Bucks went undefeated in this tournament, winning all of their games by impressive margins.

The Bucks played Yerington, Lovelock, and Fernley at this tournament, which was a non-league tournament. Lowry has a good start to their 2011-2012 season and many players have high hopes for the rest of the season after these games.

“I believe that we’re going to win every game this year,” said confident sophomore Josh Shaver.

The JV will be back in action on Friday, December 16 against Pershing County High School.

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