JV Boys finish off Wendover and season

JV Boys finish off Wendover and season

By Kevin Boyle & Jolyn Garcia Posted February 15, 2012

The JV Lowry Buckaroos end the season on a high note, complementing their excellent season.

As I walked to the locker room, I could hear the boys hollering in excitement over their last win against West Wendover, 69-49. There is not a hint of sadness present as you look at them. They have just finished their last game of the season and are still pumped up.

The JV boys are confident and feel “fantastic” about being varsity basketball players next year. Coach Jeff Rinas said that the team “played good at times, and at other times we played great.”

Sterling Dennis tries to dribble around an Elko defender. /Taylor LaTray • The Brand
Sterling Dennis tries to dribble around an Elko defender. /Taylor LaTray • The Brand

Coach Jeff Rinas said “the boys did very well and were able to put points on the board all four quarters”
Josh Shaver sits in the corner boasting over how good he and the team played.

Why not? The boys won their game this Saturday against the West Wendover Wolverines finishing the season with a 19 and 5 record. The victory came relatively easily since the Bucks were well trained.

The team pulled together to end the season the way they wanted.

Shaver said, “the team as a whole did their part and allowed us to come away with a victory”.

Nate Eldodt said, “it’s games like these that make me love the sport.”

Even though it was the end of their season, the boys are most excited for next year when they hope to do even better. Most of the team members play other sports but they all agree that basketball is really fun. There are many games yet to come and one thing is certain the Lowry basketball program will be strong for years to come.

Tanner Lecumberry said that one thing he will not forget from the season was “beating Elko and all the support we had for that game.”

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