JV boys sweep the courts this season

JV boys sweep the courts this season

By Allison Green Posted March 10, 2023

This year the boy’s basketball team grew and succeeded throughout the season. Learning from a new coach helped put the game into perspective for all of them. The whole team put in a great effort during the games and worked well together according to coach Grant Beatty.

“I enjoy seeing kids grow and develop as players and as people throughout the season,” said Beatty. “I enjoy the progress that the kids and team make as the season goes on.”

Toward the end of the season, Beatty was thrilled to have worked with such an amazing group of athletes.

Post, Conner Nelson viewed the season as an opportunity to work harder and gain more knowledge and skills for the sport. Nelson as well as his team experienced the tough times of the games lost but came back no matter how hard it got.

“The season was good. A lot of ups and downs for sure, but when it mattered the most the team came together and we won basketball games,” said Nelson. “It’s a lot easier to win games when you have the five players working together instead of as individuals.”

According to another player, Angus Boyles, he and the team powered through and worked together to build a winning team to represent the school.

“It was a good season,” said Boyles. ‘We had a slump in the middle but once we got over it and worked as a team it all came together. My favorite moment during the season was when we hit a buzzer-beater to go into overtime with Fernley.”